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Furnace Installation in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville & Surrounding Areas

HAMCO Heating & Cooling has proudly served the home comfort needs of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville & surrounding areas since 1946s.

When it’s time to replace your gas furnace, the experts at HAMCO Heating & Cooling will help you decide on a quality furnace that fits your needs and budget.

We are a proud distributor of both Daikin and York furnaces, Canada’s leading home comfort system manufacturers. We offer only the highest quality HVAC systems to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their furnace installation.

Expert Furnace Installation 

The most important part of ensuring that you have a reliable and efficient furnace is to have expert HVAC technicians handle the installation. Uneven or shoddy installation can cause a slew of furnace issues in the near future, that’s why it’s vital that you trust the experts at HAMCO to install your furnace right the first time. 

At HAMCO, we take pride in our phenomenal work and great customer service. Since 1946, Hamilton and its surrounding area have trusted the expert HVAC technicians at HAMCO to install, maintain and repair their furnaces to keep their home comfortable and safe during the winter. When you must have a task completed that’s as important as furnace installation, always go to the best, and that means going to the experts at HAMCO.

Replacing Vs Repairing Your Heating System 

There’s no question that a new furnace is definitely an investment for your home, and most families want to make sure that there isn’t room to repair their old furnace before opting for a new furnace installation. While getting the most out of your current furnace is important, there’s also a time to retire the old system and find one that works better for you and your family. 

It may be time to replace your current furnace if: 

  • Your furnace is over fifteen years old
  • Your furnace is only producing cool air 
  • Your furnace is requiring more repairs and maintenance than its worth 
  • Your energy bills are skyrocketing 
  • Your furnace is circulating between on and off without cause 
  • Your furnace is making unusual noises 
  • Your furnace is no longer heating your home properly

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Why Purchase A New Furnace? 

There isn’t just one universal reason as to why it may be time to install a new furnace in your home, as every home is different and every family’s comfort needs are not the same. There are several reasons why a family may consider the installation of a new furnace depending on what they’re searching for in a home comfort system: 

  • Interested in a quieter model 
  • The old furnace is not as powerful as it once was 
  • An increase in utility bills from the old furnace 
  • Interested in a furnace that is energy and cost efficient 
  • Cool spots in the home/need for supplemental cooling
  • An increase in maintenance and repair cost from the old furnace

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