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Why Is Ice Forming Around My AC

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One of the most common household air conditioner issues is the presence of ice around the outdoor unit. While ice forming around your AC is fairly common and definitely not the end of the world, it can be indicative of a larger issue that if left untreated can cause real damage to your system. If you’ve noticed ice forming around your AC, don’t panic, it’s most likely due to one of these common reasons.

Outdoor Weather Too Cold
The first and most simple answer to why ice may be forming around your AC is just the presence of ice in your backyard or patio. When getting ready for the warm weather ahead, sometimes homeowners are surprised by seeing ice around or on their outdoor unit. This is often just a sign of a chilly spring. Wait until the weather is a bit warmer and check back again to see if the ice isn’t going away with the rest of the winter ice and snow.

Restricted Air Flow
Almost everything in HVAC care comes back to your air filter. If your air filter or your ducts and registers are clogged or restricted, this can cause your air conditioner to freeze up and create ice. A great way to help prevent ice from forming around your AC is to ensure you’re changing your furnace filter at least once every 90 days.

Low Refrigerant
One of the most common reasons that ice may be forming around your AC is the presence of low refrigerant levels. If your air conditioner is experiencing a refrigerant leak, it will create ice from condensation. If you see ice forming on your AC, it’s most likely due to an issue with your refrigerant. Make sure to call for professional repair from the experts at HAMCO.

Mechanical Failure
One of the most common signs that your air conditioner is experiencing some kind of mechanical failure is the presence of ice forming on your outdoor AC unit. Whether your AC is experiencing faulty wiring, broken fans, broken valves, blocked drains, or kinked refrigerant lines, it will most likely show with ice forming on the outdoor unit.

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