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Rent Vs Own Air Conditioner

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If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, it can be daunting when you see the price tag of a brand new model. Homeowners who are in need of a new air conditioner can sometimes be tricked into spending way more than they intended by the prospect of renting. But what does renting your air conditioner really mean? Here’s why it’s usually a mistake to rent an air conditioner instead of buying it.

Renting Your Air Conditioner
It may sound appealing at first to rent your air conditioner instead of buying it, but with lower upfront costs, free repairs, and covered annual maintenance, it can seem like the perfect option. In reality, however, renting your air conditioner will cost you way more in the long run than if you choose to own it.

When you choose to rent your air conditioner, you’re paying indefinitely every month with no end in sight (unless you wish to pay a hefty cancellation and uninstallation fee). Eventually, you will pay off the initial cost of the air conditioner but will still be expected to pay every month for a system that is already paid for.

On top of paying way more than what the air conditioner is worth, choosing to rent your air conditioner will decrease the value of your home. When putting your home on the market with a rental unit still under contract, the seller is assuming that the future buyer will assume the balance of the contract. Most new buyers are already bringing their own debts to their new property and have no interest in assuming the seller’s previous debt.

As a result, the seller typically ends up cancelling the rental paying out a high closing account fee before they are able to sell their home. Typically, this large cost is more than what the unit would have costed had you bought it upfront, plus all the monthly payments you have already made.

Owning Your Air Conditioner
It’s totally understandable that owning your own air conditioner can be daunting at first, as the initial upfront cost can make any homeowner sweat. However, in the long run, owning your own air conditioner can save you thousands of dollars on both your long-term renting fees and the value of your home.

Warranties, protection plans, and discounts on parts and labour are always available when you choose to own vs rent your air conditioner, and you can rest assured knowing that you won’t end up overpaying for your system.

Financing Your Air Conditioner
If you still feel intimidated by that initial price tag, we totally understand. Fortunately, even if the initial cost is too high for your budget, there are ways to remedy this without falling prey to air conditioner rental. At HAMCO, we offer several financing options that allow you to pay monthly within your budget, plus, some of our financing options allow you to defer your payments for up to a year.

With several options available from air conditioner financing, sales, rebates, and incentives, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best deal possible for your budget without being taken advantage of with long-term commitments and gratuitous fees and penalties.

Don’t fuss with renting your air conditioner, choose to own yours instead!
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