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Ductless Mini-Splits: Great For Supplemental Air Conditioning


Keeping your home cool during the summer months is a necessity during humid Hamilton summers. Most people have a central air conditioner in their home to keep it comfortable, but sometimes a central air conditioner just doesn’t feel like enough. Whether you prefer a colder room than your spouse does, or you have a room in your home that’s just tricky to keep cool, ductless mini-splits are a great option for supplemental air conditioning. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Ductless Mini-Split
Not everyone knows what a ductless mini-split is, especially if you’ve only lived in homes with central air conditioning. A ductless mini-split is an alternative form of air conditioning that works separately from your home’s ductwork. It consists of one outdoor unit (similar to central air conditioning) and one or more internal units that can be individually controlled with a remote.

How To Use A Ductless Mini-Split As Supplemental Cooling
While some homeowners choose to only have ductless cooling as opposed to central air conditioning, there are many homeowners who choose to install one or more ductless mini-splits in their homes to work alongside their central air and provide supplemental air conditioning where they need it the most. There are several reasons that one might choose to use a ductless mini-split in their home including:

  • Cooling rooms that aren’t connected to the home’s ductwork (ie. attics or sunrooms)
  • Allowing one room to be cooler without making the rest of the home too cold
  • Cooling a room that tends to stay warmer than the rest
  • Keeping certain rooms cool for function like exercise rooms

Places To Put A Ductless Mini-Split In Your Home
As every household is different, every household has a different use for supplementary air conditioning. However, there are some places where ductless mini-splits are very popular. These rooms include:

  • A nursery or where an elderly person sleeps
  • Rooms that are difficult to keep cool in the home like above the garage
  • Garages, sheds, and man caves
  • The bedroom of a family member who prefers the cold
  • Basements and attics
  • Hallways

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