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Why Is My Home’s Water Suddenly Too Hot Or Too Cold?

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Have you ever gone to wash your hands, run a bath, or do your dishes and you’re met with water that’s way too hot coming from your taps? The bad news is, you’re most likely dealing with a very common water heater issue that many households will experience during their lifetimes. The good news is that for the most part, overly hot water coming from your water heater is usually a simple fix. Here’s why your home’s water may be suddenly way too hot.

Temperature Is Set Too High
Every water heater has a temperature setting near or on the gas valve located on the exterior of the tank, this gauges the temperature of the water inside. Sometimes by accident, this thermostat can be bumped or tripped and turned up much higher than necessary. If your water is suddenly way too hot, it may be a fix as simple as turning down its setting.

An Issue With Your Mixing Valve
Mixing valves are a somewhat new feature of water heaters and are quite necessary to the overall safety of the system. A mixing valve is installed above the water heater in the plumbing lines about the tank. It is designed to introduce cold water into the outgoing hot water to ensure the water doesn’t become hotter than 50 degrees celsius. If your water is suddenly way too hot or not getting hot enough, this may be a result of a faulty tempering valve, or even an older water heater without a tempering valve altogether. To remedy this, you either have to call the experts at HAMCO for repair or consider investing in a more modern water heater.

Mineral Build-Up
The water we drink and use in our household has minerals present. While these minerals don’t harm the body, they can be a cause of general wear and tear on your water heater. Over time, these minerals may begin to build up at the bottom of the water heater’s tank and force the water heater to work harder to be effective. If your water is suddenly much cooler than expected, it may be because of mineral buildup. This can be avoided by scheduling annual preventative maintenance for your water heater, and it can be remedied by calling the experts at HAMCO for repair.

Is your home’s water way too hot or too cold?
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