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Transitioning Your Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump From Heating To Cooling

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Homeowners who have a heat pump love their system for its versatility. To be able to use one system to seamlessly transition between heating and cooling makes heat pumps desirable and efficient. As warm weather approaches, ductless mini-split owners are beginning to consider the right time to transition their ductless mini split from heating to cooling. When deciding to make the switch from warm to cool, make sure to also consider small maintenance tasks that can improve your system’s performance and your home’s overall air quality.

Clean Your Air Filters
If you haven’t done so in the past 90 days, a great way to transition your heat pump from heating to cooling more smoothly is to ensure the filters in the head(s) are clean. Most heads have two filters and are permanent some models have a disposal filter behind these that should be looked at every time you clean the permanent filters. The disposal filter will range in life from 2-5 depending on use. Your heat pump’s air filters should be cleaned or replaced at least once every 90 days but potentially more often if your home has pets. This will ensure that your heat pump is working as efficiently as possible and that your home’s air quality remains high.

Transition Your Remote
Remember when you transition your heat pump from heating to cooling to let your remote in on the change. It’s easy to forget, so remember to simply change your thermostat to COOL instead of HEAT. This will ensure that your home stays comfortable and your thermostat continues to help your heat pump perform as efficiently as possible.

Check Outdoor Unit For Debris
During the winter months, your heat pump’s outdoor unit may have become clogged with leaves, branches, mud, grass, and other natural debris. Before the new season begins, take a few minutes to ensure that your outdoor unit hasn’t been clogged, nor has it been surrounded by long grass, bushes, branches or any other natural material that could cause trouble down the line. An outdoor unit that isn’t cluttered by nature will work more efficiently and safely.

Call For Annual Preventative Maintenance
The best thing you can do for your heat pump when transitioning from heating to cooling is to call the experts at HAMCO for annual preventative maintenance. Our experts will ensure that your heat pump is working properly and ready for the transition to the summer months. When you call for annual maintenance you’re ensuring that your ductless mini-split heat pump is working its best and its most efficient without any potential breakdowns in sight.

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