FAQ: Do I Need An End Of Season Furnace Tune-Up?

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As heating and cooling experts, there are a few questions that we commonly receive from our customers. Often, a huge point of discussion surrounds annual furnace tune-ups, their value, and when it’s best to book one. If you’ve ever wondered, do I need a furnace tune-up? The answer is yes, once annually your furnace needs to be serviced. But when? And why? That’s what we’re here to help answer.

When Is The Best Time For a Furnace Tune-Up?
If you’re wondering Do I need a furnace tune-up? The answer is simply, yes. The answer to when a furnace needs to be serviced is sometimes debated by homeowners, however, we believe–if given the opportunity–the end of the winter season or the beginning of the fall season are the best times to call for furnace maintenance.

Why Are End Of Season Tune-Ups Valuable?
An end-of-season furnace tune-up is valuable for several reasons. Primarily, they’re valuable because your furnace can experience wear and tear throughout the winter, then, one of the HVAC experts at HAMCO can repair and clean your system so it’s ready to go for the next winter; this takes any stress or thought out of turning on your furnace again when the time comes.

Other benefits of end-of-season service include:

  • The chance to learn your furnace’s normal and abnormal behaviour throughout the season to explain to HVAC technicians if you’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary
  • A worry-free experience turning on your furnace when the next fall comes around
  • Time throughout the season to call for repair or replacement
  • If furnace replacement is needed, you’re installing it when most people are looking for a new air conditioner, meaning you have more of a free pick of the systems available in store.
  • Ensuring the furnace fan is running well ahead of AC season. This part of the furnace runs almost all year long.

What Are The Benefits Of Annual Tune-Ups?
You now may be asking yourself Why do I need a furnace tune-up or what are the benefits of a furnace tune-up? There are several benefits to scheduling annual maintenance from the experts at HAMCO including:

  • Ensure your furnace is running efficiently (saving you money)
  • Honour your system’s warranty
  • Prolong the lifespan of your furnace
  • Avoid major unforeseen breakdowns
  • Indications of components that aren’t working as expected
  • Save money on future repair or replacement costs

When the end of the season comes, make sure you’re prepared by
booking a furnace tune-up with HAMCO.

HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd. has been proudly serving the Greater Hamilton Area’s HVAC needs for over 75 years. We are dedicated to providing our clients with dependable service and quality products.


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