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Understanding The Benefits Of Boiler Maintenance

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If you’ve ever had a furnace in your home, you’ve probably heard the old maintenance spiel many times before, however, as fewer homes have boilers in this day and age, the importance of boiler maintenance may not have been as heavily conveyed. If you have a boiler in your home, it’s integral that you schedule maintenance for it at least once annually. Why? There are several benefits to annual preventative maintenance for your boiler.

Health And Safety
Primarily, the most important reason that you should invest in preventative maintenance for your boiler once a year is for the health and safety of your household. A boiler, like any mechanical heating system for your home, needs to be taken care of properly through regular maintenance to ensure that it won’t malfunction or break from general wear and tear resulting in any leaks or other safety-threatening issues.

Respecting Boiler Warranty
Like any other HVAC system in the home, most boilers come with a warranty in case they malfunction or need to be replaced within a certain period of time. Many warranties come with clauses to keep the warranty valid, one of which is usually that the owner provides annual maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician. If you need to rely on your warranty for repair or replacement later down the line, it’s important to keep the warranty valid.

Save Money
While unfortunately, it’s a common practice, it’s important that you don’t only call for help from the experts when there’s a sudden breakdown from your boiler. Waiting until there’s an obvious issue or a total breakdown to have an expert take a look at your boiler will cost you significantly in the long run. To save money on future repairs, schedule maintenance for your boiler so the experts at HAMCO can fix small and insignificant boiler problems before they become large, unavoidable, and costly.

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