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Proud To Be A Baeumler Approved HVAC Contractor


HVAC care and maintenance should never be taken lightly. At HAMCO, we understand the importance of a working and effective furnace in the winter and a quality air conditioner in the summer. Due to our dedication and commitment to our customers, we’re proud to be a Baeumler approved HVAC contractor for Hamilton and the surrounding area. What does it mean to be a Baeumler approved HVAC contractor? Let us explain.

What Does Baeumler Approved Mean?
Baeumler is a Canadian company that works to find Canadian homeowners and consumers the best possible services in their area by recognizing and certifying outstanding contractors across the country. For years, HAMCO has been Baeumler approved, meaning we’ve signed Baeumler’s code of conduct, promising honesty, integrity, and quality service to all of our customers. We don’t take this honour lightly, and we work to uphold our Baeumler Approval with every job we do and every customer we interact with.

How We Became A Baeumler Approved HVAC Contractor
There are several qualities that a Canadian company must adhere to, to not only receive but to maintain their Baeumler approved status. As a Baeumler approved HVAC contractor, we were nominated and accepted due to our continuous:

  • Positive customer feedback
  • Collaborating trades
  • Online presence
  • Insurance coverage
  • Worker compensation
  • Professional certifications

What Being Baeumler Approved Means For Our Customers
You may be wondering what being the customer of a Baeumler approved HVAC contractor means for you; at HAMCO we know that it’s all about the quality of service and product that we provide to you. When you read that HAMCO is Baeumler approved, it means that you’re guaranteed professionalism, quality service, quality product, and a trusted and reliable Canadian HVAC contractor.

When it comes to furnace repair, maintenance, and installation, you deserve the best:
Call the experts at HAMCO for great service, every time.

HAMCO has been proudly serving the Greater Hamilton Areas HVAC needs since 1946. We are dedicated to providing our clients with dependable products and reliable service.

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