Pet Indoor Air Quality

Expert Indoor Air Quality Tips For Pet Owners


Dogs, cats, and other furry friends are a staple of Hamilton households. So many of us love to share our space with a furry creature who brings joy to our day-to-day lives. While pet owners love their cats and dogs, it’s no secret that they can be just as messy as they are fun, leading to dirt, hair, and dander in your home’s air. If you want to improve the air quality of your home for yourself and your pet, here are a few simple tips to make that happen!

Remember To Change Your Air Filter
The filter in your furnace or ductless mini-split is the barrier between you and all of the dust, dirt, and allergens in your air. If you have a pet in your home, your air filter will be collecting your pet’s hair all day long, eventually contributing to poor indoor air quality if not tended to. For the best home air quality possible, make sure to check your air filter every thirty days, and depending on the filter you, you should have change it as required. If you have a permanent filter clean every 60 days and if you have a disposable filter make sure to replace it at least every 90 days.

Vacuuming Rugs And Drapes Is Key
Our furry friends love soft and cuddly things! This means that the textiles in your home are traps for fur, dirt, and dander. To keep pet hair from hiding in your carpet and drapes and eventually contaminating your air, make sure to vacuum your textiles at least once a week. This will help you as a pet owner have the best indoor air quality possible.

Keep Floor Vents Unblocked
Many homes have floor vents to distribute heat; this can be a great way to get even airflow throughout the house, but floor vents are also susceptible to getting covered with pet hair and dirt, lowering your home’s overall air quality. If you have pets in your home, make sure to check that your floor vents aren’t becoming blocked by fur and dander because this can lead to poor home air quality.

Schedule Annual Maintenance
The best way to ensure that your home air quality is high for yourself and your pet, make sure that you’re scheduling annual preventative maintenance for your HVAC system with the experts at HAMCO. During our inspection, our experts will ensure that your system is clean and running properly, making certain that your home’s air quality is the best it can be.

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