National Lung Month

National Lung Month Air Quality Tips


Happy November! Not only is November a beautiful month full of fresh autumn air and lovely changing leaves, but November is also national lung month, a time to consider our lungs and what keeps them happy and healthy. A great way to say “thank you” to your lungs this November is to ensure that you have high home air quality; here are a few of our best tips to make your home more lung-friendly!

Vacuum Regularly
Dust, debris, allergens, and fur all love to hide in textiles. A great way to improve your home air quality for national lung month is to vacuum your textiles and fabrics (like your couch, your rugs, your drapes, and your throws) thoroughly throughout your home to get rid of all of the hidden allergens. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to breathe after you’ve completed a thorough vacuuming session!

Change Your Furnace Filter
A really simple yet necessary way to improve your home air quality for national lung month is to ensure you’re changing your furnace filter as recommended by HVAC experts. Your furnace filter collects the debris, dirt, and allergens in your air leading it to become dirty quite quickly. For best results, check your furnace filter every thirty days and replace it at least once every sixty.

If you are interested in higher home filtration, run the fan on your furnace periodically to minimize daily dust. This will result in the filter life being potentially shortened but will leave you with a cleaner house.

Switch To Green Cleaning Supplies
Switching to the green version of your favourite cleaning supplies can do wonders for your lungs this national lung month. Fortunately, we live in a time where there is a sustainable and green version of practically every cleaning product available, which means your home can stay clean and fresh without diminishing the quality of your air or hurting your lungs.

Allow Fresh Air Into Your Home
By simply opening your windows for an hour or two every day this November, you’re doing your lungs a huge favour. Enjoy the fresh, crisp, clean autumn air flowing through your home while also expelling stale and dusty air from the house. You’d be surprised how fresh your home can become from just an hour or so of clean November air! Remember to ensure that your furnace is shut off while you are doing this to ensure you don’t lose any heat while you have the windows open. If you are looking for a way to keep your windows closed while still letting fresh air into your home, an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) is a system that works with your furnace to can introduce fresh air to your house while removing stale air.

Schedule Annual Maintenance
The best way to ensure that your home’s air quality is clean and fresh is to schedule annual preventative maintenance with the experts at HAMCO. By scheduling annual maintenance, you’re making sure that your furnace is running as cleanly and as efficiently as possible, giving you the best quality air that it can and making your lungs very happy!

If you’re interested in scheduling annual preventive maintenance for your furnace or adding some newer filter or indoor air quality products to your existing furnace, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at HAMCO!

HAMCO has been proudly providing expert HVAC service, repair, and installation in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Grimsby and Brantford areas since 1946! We are dedicated to always providing our clients with dependable products and reliable service.

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