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Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps: How Long Do They Last?

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From efficiency to upfront cost, there are many factors that homeowners consider when they’re looking to invest in a new heating system. A big deciding factor for many homeowners when they’re looking at furnaces or heat pumps is the overall lifespan and longevity of the system. Furnaces and heat pumps are an investment, and ideally, we’d like to see them work for years before we need to replace them, so which one has a longer lifespan? Read below to learn how long both furnaces and heat pumps last when taken care of properly.

The Lifespan Of A Furnace
Furnaces are considered to be a tried and true HVAC system for many Canadian homes. Furnaces are resilient and reliable, and when treated properly they can have a pretty significantly long lifespan. Between heat pumps and furnaces, furnaces definitely have a longer lifespan.

Gas Fired Furnaces tend to last an average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years, giving the homeowners a long and reliable run. Gas furnaces tend to begin to break down from general wear and tear and efficiency issues. Natural Gas is also the most cost-effective fuel to use.

Oil Fired Furnaces unfortunately do not last as long as their gas counterparts. Oil furnaces require more maintenance than their gas fired counterparts, they cost more in fuel consumption, and they have an overall dated design. While Oil fired furnaces may be a viable option in more rural areas, in an urban environment with natural gas available, we recommend passing on oil fired furnaces.

The Lifespan Of A Heat Pump
While heat pumps offer an array of other benefits, compared to furnaces, heat pumps have a short lifespan. The average life expectancy of a heat pump is between ten and fifteen years depending on the frequency of use. As heat pumps are used to cool and heat the home, they’re used throughout the year and will begin to deteriorate quicker than a furnace due to constant use. Heat pumps run purely on electricity to operate, and while this is an environmentally conscious choice, homeowners can expect higher operation costs than a natural gas furnace. However, heat pumps are more cost-effective than oil and propane furnaces.

Hybrid Options
Hybrid home heating systems are beginning to gain traction. A hybrid system pairs a natural gas furnace with an electric outdoor heat pump, allowing the pump to run on cool days and the furnace to kick in for extra heat when necessary. While a hybrid option may cost more upfront, it has the potential to save the homeowner money in utility bills throughout its lifespan.

Elongate The Life Of Your HVAC System With Regular Maintenance
The best way to ensure that both heat pumps and furnaces have the longest lifespan possible is to schedule annual preventative maintenance. When you schedule annual maintenance, you’re ensuring that your system is performing as efficiently as possible and you’re preventing future breakdowns and malfunctions that could be damaging to the system and its health. By trusting the experts at HAMCO to maintain and service your HVAC system, you’re ensuring it has a long and healthy life.

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