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Best Smart Thermostat: Ecobee vs Nest vs Daikin One+

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As winter approaches and you’re thinking more and more about your home comfort, it’s only fair that you may be wondering about the benefits of a smart thermostat. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from when you’re considering making the switch from a traditional thermostat to something more high-tech and efficient. Ecobee, Google Nest, and Daikin One+ are all very popular and reliable models, but which one is the best smart thermostat? The answer is both simple and complicated: all three are great, you just have to choose which one fits your individual needs. Also, what fits your project: replacing a single piece of equipment or your whole system? Or simply looking to upgrade your existing thermostat only.


Ecobee is a well-known and reliable brand that makes several different home technological products including smart thermostats. Ecobee happens to be one of the best smart thermostat brands, including several different models with these features:

  • Save 23-26% on annual energy costs
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Controlled by an easy-to-use phone application
  • Integrated with AppleHome Kit and more
  • Compatible with SmartSensor
  • Automatic HVAC shut-off when doors and windows are open

Bonus features on some models include:

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Spotify and Bluetooth streaming
  • Hands-free calling and intercom
  • The ability to learn and to adapt to your routines

Note: This unit is compatible with most standard equipment, modulating furnaces and communicating air conditioners are not advise to be used with this thermostat

Google Nest

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a great option if you already have several Google products like the Google Nest sound system or the many Google apps on your phone that we use every day. Google Nest is one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a smart thermostat, as it includes these features:

  • The ability to integrate seamlessly with your other Google products
  • A user-friendly app to control your home temperature from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to automatically adjust the temperature when you leave your home
  • The ability to automatically adjust the temperature when several people are gathered in a room
  • A colour display with the weather and the temperature

Note: This unit is compatible with most standard equipment, modulating furnaces and communicating air conditioners are not advised to be used with this thermostat

Daikin One+

Daikin is known internationally for quality HVAC equipment like furnaces and air conditioners. Daikin used their expertise in home comfort to create one of the best smart thermostats on the market. When you purchase a Daikin One+, you will enjoy these features from your smart thermostat:

  • A touchscreen with customizable backgrounds
  • Wi-fi and app capabilities to connect to your smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • LED lights that indicate the system is on and working (red for heating, blue for cooling)
  • The ability to automatically switch from heating to cooling
  • Display for outdoor weather and temperature
  • Daikin’s famous 12-year warranty

Note: The Daikin One is a proprietary product and is only compatible with Daikin products.

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