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Benefits Of Installing A Boiler In Hamilton


If you live in Hamilton, we’re sure you’re used to the freezing cold winters that we tend to have. Heating your home six months out of every year uses a lot of energy and money, and most likely brings the occasional cost of repairs and maintenance, leading us to wonder if there’s a better way to keep ourselves comfortable in the winter. There are several benefits to installing a boiler to replace your furnace, especially when you live in a city with cold winters like Hamilton, here are the key upsides of boiler installation.

One of the benefits of installing a boiler in a cold Canadian city like Hamilton is that boilers are energy efficient! Unlike a traditional furnace, a boiler doesn’t apply heat to the air, later sending the warm air throughout the home. Instead, a boiler heats water to heat your home directly through a process called “radiant heating”. Because the boiler does not heat the air itself, there is no risk of losing warm air through faulty ductwork or drafty homes, meaning the boiler needs less energy and heat to warm the same space, saving you money on your energy bills. You can use stationary radiators in various places in your home to distribute heat, or use an in-floor heating option in which piping runs through the flooring of your home to create a warm surface to walk over.

Less Dust
While they’re just as successful at heating your home, boilers also produce less dust than a standard furnace. Forced air systems move air, and in turn, move dust and pet dander all over your home. Boilers send water to their various points via a radiator or in-floor loop, containing the water in a space and slowly heating the surface. The only drawback being that they take a little longer to get to the set temperature from initial start-up, but are a quieter system as they do not require a fan to blow around the air.

Even Heating
Hamilton has a lot of old homes that–while beautiful–can be drafty, leading to uneven heating. One of the benefits of installing a boiler in a Hamilton home is that boilers tend to offer a more even spread of heat than traditional furnaces. Heated air from a traditional furnace can take a long time to fill a room with warmth, can escape from drafty rooms, and can rise to unevenly heat the top of your home. With a boiler, you’re ensuring that your home gets completely even and comfortable heating throughout each room that will not be affected by the draftiness of an old Hamilton home.

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