Ductless Heat Pump Cooling

Ductless Heat Pumps: An Alternative Cooling Solution


When looking to install air conditioning in your home, there can be a lot of hassle as to what system is best for you and your family. Traditional centralized heating and cooling systems are quite popular and are used throughout many Canadian homes. However, central air is not always perfect for every household and each family’s individual needs. There are several reasons why many Hamilton homes use a ductless heat pump (also known as a ductless mini-split system) for cooling their space as a comfortable alternative to the traditional central air system.

Sometimes Central Air is Inconvenient
If you live in an older home, you may not be able to properly install a central air conditioner through your existing ductwork, and if you have no ductwork to begin with, you’ll have to pay significantly for it to be installed. Instead of spending money on both a new system and home renovation, a ductless heat pump can be a very helpful cooling alternative that allows you to avoid the cost of a major HVAC renovation, while still keeping you comfortable during the warmer months of the year.

Ductless Heat Pumps Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable
Even if your home can accommodate a central air conditioner, there are some key reasons why you should still consider a ductless heat pump as an alternative cooling system. A ductless heat pump is a particularly convenient and cost-effective way of cooling your home, as heads can be installed in rooms individually, and then set to their own specific temperatures. This means that you’re able to choose the right temperature for each room without having to determine one uniform temperature for the whole house. Plus, by choosing to not run the ductless air conditioning in rooms that you aren’t using, you can save on your energy bills each month!

Heating and Cooling in One Convenient System
What makes ductless heat pumps an especially great choice for homes is that they perform the duties of both an air conditioner and furnace all in one convenient system. During the summers they can cool your home, and as the weather gets a bit colder during the fall, you can effortlessly switch it to heating mode. Having your heating and cooling housed in one ductless system makes for easier upkeep, simpler repairs, and less space being taken up by HVAC systems.

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