HVAC Price Increase

Buyer Beware: HVAC System Price Increase


It’s not uncommon to see small price increases on HVAC systems each summer, we know that as the summer rolls in and the weather begins to get warmer and warmer, the demand for HVAC tends to increase and so do the prices. However, as we all know, this past year has been anything but commonplace, and with Covid-19 has come an even bigger demand for HVAC systems, sending an even higher spike in prices.

Cooling system prices are on the rise for several reasons including cost of labour, cost of production, cost of transportation, and the simple fact that many of us are still working at home and wish to be comfortable during the day. If you’re looking to buy a new AC unit to keep yourself and your family comfortable this summer, this is the time, because HVAC prices are steadily rising!

The Sooner the Better!
The best-case scenario for anyone who is interested in a new air conditioning system is to act as fast as possible. The sooner you purchase your unit, the better chance you’ll have in locking into a reasonable price, as demand for air conditioners and the cost to make them is going to continue to increase moving forward.

Stock is Limited!
Even if you are willing to pay the extra cost of installing an air conditioner later as opposed to sooner, you’re still taking a risk! As consumer interest in air conditioners continues to rise along with the cost of materials to make them, you’ll soon find that air conditioning systems are in low supply and high demand! If you wait to purchase one, you could be left with very little selection, and in turn, you’ll have to settle for a unit that is more expensive than the one you wanted.

Don’t Risk it!
As a thoughtful shopper, the best thing for you to do if you’re interested in a new air conditioner is to buy sooner as opposed to later. Waiting on installing an air conditioner this summer could cost you substantially, or leave you without options. Take the time to find the right air conditioning unit for your home and for your family today, and have it installed by a trusted and reliable company like HAMCO.

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