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When is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

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While there’s never a bad time to book air conditioner maintenance, there are some times that are better than others. There are a number of factors that determine when the best time to book your AC maintenance is, so let’s take a look.

When is the best time to schedule AC maintenance?
The best time of year to book your AC maintenance is during the last few weeks of spring before the summer heat is in full swing. That being said, if you miss this window, you should still book your AC maintenance as soon as possible, but there are a few reasons why late spring is the best time, including:

Beating the Rush
Every year as soon as the first heatwave of summer arrives, HVAC technicians across the country get flooded with calls from homeowners who skipped their annual maintenance and are experiencing problems as they fire up their units for the first time. Calling in the spring before the heat arrives is the best time to book AC maintenance because it ensures you aren’t caught in the rush.

Being Summer Ready
Booking your AC maintenance in the late spring allows you to sit back and wait for the heat to arrive without any stress because you know your system is ready for whatever summer throws at it.

Time for Repairs
Another reason late spring is the best time to book your AC maintenance is that it ensures that if your system requires repairs or replacement parts to run efficiently and effectively during the season ahead, you have a window of time before the hot weather arrives. Some repairs take time, and if you need warranty parts, you may have to wait for them to arrive. Booking early ensures your HVAC technician has the time they need to get your system running at its best.

Even if your system is relatively new and running well, you’ll still need to book your annual maintenance to keep your warranty valid. By booking your annual maintenance early, you can relax knowing that your warranty will remain valid until you book your AC maintenance again next year.

Is it too late to book your annual maintenance?
Although late spring is considered to be the best time to book your AC maintenance, it’s never too late to schedule a service appointment. Booking late is better than not booking at all, and it still ensures your warranty will remain valid and keeps your system running at its best.

Have you booked your annual AC maintenance yet?
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