bad HVAC habits

Bad HVAC Habits that are Affecting Your Utility Bills


We rely on our heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable all year long, but unfortunately, that comfort comes with a cost. Luckily, there are a few ways you can minimize your monthly bills while still maximizing your comfort, and all you need to do is cut out some of your bad HVAC habits.


Lack of Filter Maintenance
One of the most common bad HVAC habits that we see homeowners practicing is neglecting to change their filters regularly. Don’t wait until you notice your system struggling or for a decline in your home comfort to change your filter, make sure you replace it at least every 30 days. Your humidifier, which is predominately used during the winter months, has a filter pad of its own. This is something that should be changed prior to the start of the heating season. Check out the photos below to see what happens when you don’t change it. Neglecting to replace your pad can lead to mold and calcium build up in the ductwork which ultimately will get blown though your ductwork.



Failing to Track Your Monthly Bills
Taking an ‘it is what is’ approach to your steadily climbing utility bills is another one of our top bad HVAC habits. Minor increases from year to year are normal because utility rates get higher, but if you notice your bills increasing without any explanation, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with your system.

Blocking Vents
This falls under bad HVAC habits as much as it falls under bad home decorating habits. It’s important not to cover your vents and return ducts with furniture or drapes because the lack of flow will reduce the efficiency of your system and it can increase wear and tear. You should also avoid closing the vents in the rooms you don’t use in an effort to reduce your bills because it can actually have the opposite effect.

Ignoring Issues
While there are some HVAC related problems that you may not notice right away, ignoring the ones you do notice is just as harmful as the other bad habits we’ve listed. Contact your HVAC technician at the first sign of weird noises, lack of airflow, or any other issues that arise.

Forgetting Annual Maintenance
This is easily the most avoidable issue on our list of bad HVAC habits because all you need to do is pick up the phone and let a licensed heating and cooling specialist handle the rest. Annual maintenance ensures that your system is running efficiently and effectively, but it is also essential to get an annual tune-up to keep your warranty valid. Most maintenance calls also include a physical cleaning of both the blower compartment and the outdoor air conditioner.

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