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HVAC System Warranties: What You Need to Know

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Unfortunately, as much as we would like them to, our heating and cooling systems can’t last forever, and sometimes they need to be repaired and replaced. Luckily, if your system breaks down or malfunctions before its time is up, your HVAC warranty should cover you, but you should understand how warranties work and what they include before you run into unexpected problems.

How do I know what my warranty covers?
An HVAC warranty isn’t just a formality, and in the event of a malfunction or defect, it could save you a lot of money if it has been maintained. Different manufacturers have different terms and conditions, and it’s important that you know the specifics of yours, so that in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, you understand your coverage. Your system manual should detail the terms of your warranty, but you can also look it up on the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly. You’ll need the following information before you call:

  • The brand or manufacturer of your HVAC system
  • The serial number (you can find it on the inside of your furnace panel or near the valves on your air conditioner)
  • Other helpful information like the model number and installation date

Terms and Conditions
Every HVAC warranty is slightly different, but the first thing you’ll notice is that they all have different lengths of coverage. Some will last for as long as 12 years, but these days the average is 10 years. Aside from that, they usually have the following terms in common:

  • Parts coverage usually only includes larger components, and it doesn’t cover the labour required to replace the part. Consumables like filters and belts are rarely covered.
  • You need to register your system within 60 days to qualify for extended coverage in most cases.
  • Most warranties will not cover the service and labour required to maintain your unit, but many HVAC service providers offer protection plans that will.
  • HVAC systems must be maintained annually to keep the warranty valid.
  • The equipment must be installed and repaired by a licensed professional.

Negligence and Misuse
HVAC warranties are really no different than any other manufacturer’s warranty in that they are designed to cover defects and malfunctions that are the result of manufacturing errors. This means that if you neglect or misuse your equipment and it leads to a malfunction, you likely won’t be covered. Protection Plans ensure that your heating and cooling systems are always maintained, and as an added bonus, they can cover some of the service and labour costs that your warranty doesn’t.

Need help understanding your HVAC systems’ warranties?
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