Ductless or Baseboard Heating

Ductless or Baseboard Heating: Which is Better?

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Many older homes don’t have the ductwork necessary to use a furnace as a heating system, which leaves many homeowners to choose between baseboard heating or a ductless system. Both systems can adequately heat your home or serve as a supplemental heat source, but you should understand the pros and cons of each before you decide on ductless or baseboard heating.

Baseboard Heating
There are two types of baseboard heaters to choose from, electric and hot water, and both function in basically the same manner, it just depends on what fuel source you have available. Electric heaters can be installed anywhere there is electricity, but hot water systems need to connect to a boiler to generate heat, which can make their installation more involved, as you will also need a gas supply feeding the home to install a boiler. Baseboard heaters need to be placed under windows to operate properly because they heat your home by generating warm air to counteract the cold air coming from the closed windows. Here are some pros and cons you can use to decide if you should choose baseboard heating or ductless.


  • Energy efficient
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Quiet because there is no fan or blower


  • They run along the wall, which can make furniture placement tricky
  • Only provide heating, not cooling
  • Dust can collect in them if they aren’t maintained properly and produce a burning smell
  • Must be placed under a window to work properly

Ductless Heating
When most homeowners are deciding between baseboard heating and ductless heating, they often choose to go with ductless systems because they can function as cooling systems as well. Ductless systems move and transfer heat, rather than generating it, which makes them extremely efficient because they don’t require combustion. Although they are the more popular option, they have their own advantages and disadvantages you should consider before making your decision.


  • Quick even heat
  • Quieter than a forced-air system
  • Heating and cooling from a single unit
  • Use 50% less electricity than baseboard heaters
  • Zone technology allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms
  • Can be placed anywhere, not just near windows
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate various HVAC requirements


  • Use filters that need to be cleaned monthly
  • The initial equipment cost is higher, but they’ll save you money long term

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