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In Canada, we rely on our heating systems to keep us safe and warm all winter long, so it can be stressful not knowing when your system will eventually break down or how to tell if there’s something wrong with it. Signing up for a Furnace Protection Plan with HAMCO gives you the peace of mind of knowing someone else is looking out for you, as the plans include a ton of perks and services intended to protect your system.

What is a Furnace Protection Plan?
For a small monthly fee, $19.99 per month for standard protection and $29.99 a month for premium protection, you’ll receive several perks and benefits throughout the year that will keep your furnace running smoothly and your mind at ease. Here are some of the things you can expect when you sign up for a furnace protection plan with HAMCO.

Annual Multi-Point Furnace Maintenance
Annual maintenance appointments are included with both levels of protection, and signing up for a protection plan ensures you’ll never miss your annual service again. These service appointments help improve the efficiency of your unit, and the certified technician performing the work will make sure your system is running safely and reliably. You also need to get annual service done on your furnace in order to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Waived Diagnostic Charge
Furnace problems arise from time to time even if you get annual maintenance done, but a protection plan will relieve a significant amount of stress should you run into a heating system malfunction. Members with standard protection have their first diagnostic fee waived, and those with premium protection can enjoy the stress relief of 3 no-charge diagnostic fees.

Parts & Labour Coverage
Each furnace protection plan comes with a set yearly allowance for parts and labour to minimize the cost associated with furnace repairs. Standard protection members receive a maximum of $300 towards parts and labour, and premium members receive a maximum of $950. When you look at this benefit alone, the protection plans essentially pay for themselves.

Equipment Replacement Costs
Although we’ll do our best to protect and maintain your current furnace, every furnace has a lifespan, and some reach the end sooner than others. Our protection plans also include a set allowance for equipment replacement for when it comes time to upgrade your unit. We provide our standard members with a $500 credit, and our premium members receive a $1,000 credit to put towards new HVAC equipment from HAMCO.

Keep your furnace protected for all of 2021 with a HAMCO protection plan!

HAMCO has been proudly serving the Greater Hamilton Areas HVAC needs since 1946. Our licensed professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with quality products and reliable service.

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