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Breathe Easier With a Whole Home Humidifier


November is National Lung Month, which makes it a great time to evaluate the quality of the air inside your home. Dry indoor air is one of the greatest impediments to your indoor air quality as the temperatures continue to drop. Not to worry, you can easily combat dry air in your home with a whole home humidifier and improve the overall quality of your household air.

A whole home humidifier can balance the humidity levels in your home, but it can also improve your health and overall comfort throughout the colder months. Dry household air can cause dry skin and cracked lips, which can be extremely uncomfortable. It can also negatively impact your respiratory health because it dries out your mucus membranes, leaving you susceptible to lung, sinus, and nasal irritation and infection. With that in mind, the last thing any of us want is a vulnerable immune system during cold and flu season, so the best thing you can do is install a whole home humidifier to balance your home’s humidity levels; your body will thank you.

During the winter, Canadians spend the majority of their time indoors due to the frigid weather outside. So, it’s important to be as comfortable as possible inside our homes. Dry air lacks moisture, which means it cannot retain heat as well. A whole home humidifier will increase the amount of moisture in your air, which will make your home feel warmer and allow you to set your thermostat lower. This allows you to be nice and toasty all winter long and save money on your monthly bills.

Healthy Homes
Dry air can be bad for your personal health, but it can also negatively impact your home. Dry air will pull moisture out of the wood framing and flooring in your home in an attempt to balance itself, which can cause door frames and flooring to shift. This can make doors hard to open and close and cause gaps to form in your hardwood flooring. Dry air can also damage your wood furniture for the same reason and lead to cracking and structural damage. A whole home humidifier will balance out the moisture levels in your indoor air and save your furniture, framing, and flooring in the process.

Whole Home vs. Portable
Portable humidifiers are only able to impact the humidity levels in the rooms they are in, and they don’t have a moisture sensor, which means they can actually over saturate the air causing mold and mildew to form. Whole home humidifiers have humidity sensors, so they know exactly how much to increase the humidity levels, and they improve the quality of the air throughout your home, not just in one room.

Regain control of your home’s humidity this winter with a whole home humidifier from HAMCO!

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