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When Should I Turn On My Furnace This Fall?

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It’s that time of year again; the cold weather has arrived. A question we tend to hear a lot from customers as the temperatures begin to drop is “When should I turn on my furnace?” Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact date we can give you to mark down in your calendar, but we can offer some expert advice.

For most customers, we recommend turning on your furnace when the weather is consistently below 18° Celsius, which usually happens to be around the end of September, or early October. Some homeowners try to put off turning on their furnace as long as they can to save money, which is okay if you’re healthy adults. That being said, it’s imperative to turn on your furnace if the temperatures drop below 10° Celsius because around that temperature range, you begin to run the risk of having your pipes freeze and burst.

Customers also frequently ask us, “Is there anything I need to do before I turn on my furnace?” Absolutely! Here are a few maintenance steps you should complete before you turn on your furnace for the year.

Check Your Thermostat
Once you’ve shut off your air conditioner and placed your cover on still next summer, you turn on your furnace, make sure you adjust your thermostat accordingly. You will need to switch your thermostat from cool to heat and adjust the temperature setting. One of the main reasons we get calls about furnaces not working in the fall is because homeowners have accidentally forgotten to complete this step.

Change Your Filter
Your air conditioner and your furnace share a filter, so it’s always a good idea to change it at the start of each season. Although it’s recommended that you change your filter every 30 days or less, it will drastically improve the air quality in your home if you change it at the start of each season as well.

Book a Service Appointment or Consider Replacement
We encourage all homeowners to have their furnace serviced at the start of the season to ensure that it is running properly before the cold weather arrives and you need it. It’s also necessary to get your unit serviced annually to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. During the maintenance appointment, your certified technician will replace or repair any worn out parts and get your unit running as efficiently as possible for the upcoming season.

If you notice any unusual noises when you turn on your furnace this season, or you feel like it isn’t heating your house like it used to, it could be time for a replacement. We also recommend replacing your unit if it’s 10 years old or older, because you’re likely spending far too much on your monthly bills. A new energy-efficient unit will drastically reduce your utility bills, and you can rest assured it will keep you warm all winter long.

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