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Tips For Controlling Humidity In Your Home

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Controlling the humidity in your home is all about finding the Goldilocks zone, not too dry, not too damp, but just right. HAMCO has some tips to help you control your home’s humidity levels so you can be comfortable no matter the season.

How can you tell if you have excess humidity in your home?
It isn’t reasonable to expect the average homeowner to have a humidity meter, but there are a few telltale signs the humidity levels in your home are too high.

  • Visible condensation on cool surfaces like windows, mirrors, and pipes
  • Peeling paint and creaky floorboards
  • Wet stains, discolouration, and peeling paint on your ceiling
  • Family members experiencing severe headaches, shortness of breath, increased allergy symptoms, or chronic coughing
  • Mold and mildew odours

Ways to Decrease Humidity
If you notice any of the signs that the humidity levels in your home are too high, not to worry, there are ways to reduce them.

  • Dehumidifiers are a great way to reduce the humidity in your home, and you can get portable units or whole-home models.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation in your washrooms and kitchen so that the excess moisture produced in these rooms can be removed from the air.
  • Check to see that your weatherstripping is in good condition, as it keeps humid air from entering your home.
  • Have your air conditioner professionally serviced. A properly functioning, appropriately sized AC unit should be able to remove moisture and humidity from the air.

Benefits of Good Humidity
Overly humid air tends to increase the allergen and pollutant levels in the air in your home because it gives the particles something to latch on to. Having appropriate humidity levels will make it easier to breathe and can positively benefit your health.

If the humidity levels in your home are too low, it can be just as big of an issue. Dry air can cause skin, sinus, and throat irritation. It’s important to have the right moisture balance in the air in your home to protect your health and that of your home.

If you’re having trouble balancing the humidity levels in your home,
contact the HVAC specialists at HAMCO to find a solution.

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