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Predictions for Summer – Will it Be Hot?

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These past few weeks, we’ve had a taste of summer weather. If it’s any indication for what is to come, we’re heading into a HOT summer season. The Farmer’s Almanac seems to agree and is predicting that we could be experiencing a warmer than usual June and July.

That means you should start planning now to make sure you’re home is cool and comfortable for the impending hot and humid summer season.

For homeowners with a recent AC installation, make sure to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance appointment. One of our technicians will come out to clean and inspect the system, make some small adjustments to increase efficiency and ensure there are no issues with its operation. This type of preventative maintenance can help avoid mid-season breakdowns and is required to keep manufacturer warranties valid.

For people that are using an older air conditioner, it’s time to take a critical look at the cooling system and see if it’s going to survive another season. It’s always better to proactively replace the system before it breaks down. This ensures that you’re not rushing to replace it and can take the proper time to pick the right system (and installation company!).

If you’re in the market for a new AC system, there are a number of ways to save money.

Manufacturers offer discounts throughout the year on different models. Taking advantage of these promotions can provide significant savings on a new whole-home comfort system. We’re currently offering manufacturer discounts on York and Daikin systems.

We also offer AC financing that allows you to affordably purchase and install a new air conditioner. Instead of paying the cost of the unit and installation upfront, you can spread the payments out over a number of months. We have AC systems that are as low as $29.95 a month.

To learn more about different air conditioner options or to talk with a
cooling expert about any questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact us.

HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd., has been serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Grimsby, Brantford and surrounding areas for over 70 years. We’re fully committed to providing the best quality service for all our customers on every AC service and installation call.

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