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Why is the Furnace Making Sounds?

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Sometimes homeowners call the office wondering if they need to schedule a service call, because although the heating system is working, they complain that the furnace is making a new and/or unusual sound. In almost all instances, we recommend scheduling service whenever the furnace starts making sounds.

Anytime there is a change in how the heating system behaves—whether it’s a new sound or a new smell—it’s an indication that something’s wrong. Continuing to run the system could be causing significant internal damage that could eventually cause a complete furnace breakdown.

Most often, people describe the noises they’re hearing as screeching, chirping, rattling or knocking.

Screeching Furnace Sound
This usually indicates an issue with a belt, bearing or motor. It could be a sign that a component is wearing down and needs to be replaced.

Chirping Furnace Sound
If there is a constant chirping sound when running the furnace, it could be a symptom of a faulty belt.

Rattling Furnace Sound
There are many reasons the furnace could be rattling. It could be as simple as a loose panel door, even a screw or bolt breaking due to age, the furnace expanding from the temperature change, or it could indicate a more serious issue inside the system.

Knocking Furnace Sound
Furnace or duct expansion (and contraction) could be one reason for a knocking/clanging sound. Another reason could be a damaged belt or bearings. It can be difficult to pinpoint the problem as a whole without hearing it in person.

In order to properly diagnose the new furnace sound, a technician needs to be onsite to hear it and then investigate the cause. The best course of action whenever your furnace is making sounds is to call a trusted and respected HVAC company.

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