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Understanding Furnace Warranties

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A comprehensive HVAC warranty will minimize expenses and frustration if anything goes wrong with your new heating system. When considering a new system, make sure you understand the different furnace warranties offered by manufacturers and what they do and do not cover.

Parts Warranty
Not all furnace parts are covered by a warranty, and different components are warranted for different amounts of time. For example, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty of the heat exchanger but might only offer 10 years on another part. It’s also important to note that manufacturers will only cover the cost of the replacement part, not the labour to install it.

Keep Warranties Valid
Once a new heating system has been installed, you need to make sure that you or the installation company register the equipment, otherwise, the warranty could be shortened. You should also be familiar with the requirements to keep the warranty valid. Usually, the manufacturer requires the system to be installed by a professional HVAC company and undergo annual maintenance. Not doing regular maintenance voids labour coverage from both the installer and manufacture, whether you have bought an extended warranty or not.

Installation Guarantees
The installing company should stand behind their work with installation guarantees and offer homeowners the chance to enrol in a maintenance plan. A furnace maintenance plan will include a yearly appointment to keep manufacturer warranties valid in addition to other perks such as labour coverage and priority service. When combined with a comprehensive furnace warranty, a maintenance plan can provide peace-of-mind should anything go wrong with your new heating system.

When considering a new furnace, make sure you fully understand what is included in the manufacturer’s warranty. A knowledgeable sales representative should be able to clearly communicate what is and isn’t included and answer any other questions you may have about the system. Should you have an older furnace or one out-of-warranty, a protection plan which offers coverage for breakdowns and repair is a great peace of mind option.

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