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Ideal Indoor Temperature During Winter

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There are disagreements in many households this time of year about the ideal indoor temperature. Some people turn up the thermostat to keep the house warm all day long, while others are constantly adjusting settings to help ensure energy and hydro bills don’t spike.

Recommended Indoor Temperature
Generally, if there are people home during the day, we recommend the thermostat be set between 20°C and 22°C.

When there’s no one home or when everyone is asleep, it’s recommended to lower the temperature between 17°C and 19°C. This allows some savings when demand is low but keeps the space comfortable.

Easily Regulate Temperature
Installing a smart thermostat, like the new Daikin One+ can help keep the house at a comfortable temperature, while saving energy.

Easy Temperature Adjustments – You can adjust the temperature by using the touch-screen interface or turn the dial. A red LED light in the system turns on and indicates when the system is heating.

Easy Scheduling Interface – An easy-to-understand schedule display screen shows when the system is set to turn on and off. You can effortlessly change the schedule in edit mode, by simply adjusting the setpoints.

Energy Saving Mode – The away screen can be set manually at the thermostat or through the use of geofencing technology. This setting automatically detects when connected phones have left the home and can lower the temperature.

Installing a smart thermostat can help keep your home at a comfortable indoor temperature and keep energy and hydro bills under control.

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