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Daikin Furnace Guide


Daikin is the largest heating and air conditioning manufacturer in the world. Their quality systems are innovative, always using the latest technology, and built to last. We believe so strongly in the brand, that we’re proud to be the area’s only Daikin Comfort Pro Dealer. If you’re looking to upgrade to a Daikin furnace, three popular models are the DM96VE, DM96VC and DM97MC. Below, we outline the main difference between the three models to help you choose the right product for your home.

Two-Stage, Multi-SpeedThis high-efficiency (96% AFUE) furnace has a multi-speed, two-stage gas valve. It is extremely quiet and has been run-tested for both heating or combination heating and cooling applications.
Modulating, Variable-Speed CommunicatingThis model is the most popular because of its exceptional heating ability, quiet operation, DC powered variable speed fan and 96% AFUE.
Modulating, Variable-Speed CommunicatingThis premium furnace can keep your house warm even during our cold Canadian winters. At a 98% AFUE, modulating gas valve to adjust heating requirements based on demand with a DC powered variable speed fan. it will also help keep monthly heating bills to stay under control.

Add a Daikin One+ Thermostat
Both the DM97MC and DM96VC Daikin furnace are communicating systems and therefore are compatible with the new Daikin One+ thermostat.

This is the first smart thermostat that offers complete two-way communications with Daikin systems. In addition to automatically switching between heating and cooling to keep your home within the set comfort zone, the Daikin ONe+ monitors indoor air quality and integrates with both Alexa and the Google Assistant.

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