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Two Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency


We have cold winters and it’s often necessary to run the heating system for weeks on end to keep your home warm and comfortable. Help your pocketbook by taking two simple steps to increase furnace efficiency.

Check and Change Furnace Filters
We can’t stress enough how important it is to regularly change furnace filters. A clogged filter is the cause of many furnace problems and can even lead to a system breakdown. Dirty filters also cause your heating system to work harder, drastically reducing furnace efficiency.

How Often Should the Furnace Filter be Changed?
It depends. The number of people living in the home, the amount of animals you have and even the type of cooking you do can affect the furnace filter. Additionally, different types of filters last longer than others. We always recommend homeowners check their filters monthly and replace them as needed.
Learn more about different filter types.

Tips for Changing Furnace Filters

  • Turn off the power before removing and replacing the filter
  • Ensure the arrows on the filter faces towards the furnace and away from the return duct
  • Write the date you changed the filter on it so you can easily check it when needed
  • Stock up on filters so that you can easily replace them when needed

Schedule Furnace Maintenance
Heating systems are complex machines and require yearly preventative maintenance to keep them running at peak efficiency. A certified technician will inspect the whole system—checking for any signs of damage that could cause an issue later in the season—clean key components, and make small adjustments. Not only will this maintenance provide peace of mind that your system is safe and reliable, but it can also improve furnace efficiency, lower bills and increase home comfort.

By regularly changing filters and scheduling maintenance, you can drastically improve furnace efficiency.

If you haven’t booked your annual heating maintenance yet,
we invite you to schedule it today

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