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Do You Know if Your Air Conditioner is Level?


During our long history of serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas, we’ve responded to countless AC service calls. One thing we’ve noticed is that homeowners don’t realize how crucial it is to have a level air conditioner condenser and the problems they’ll encounter operating the unit on an uneven surface.

While condensers have sturdy structures and are built to withstand harsh outdoor weather, there are extremely delicate mechanics inside. If the air conditioner is improperly installed or the AC pad has shifted or cracked, it can significantly impact how the condenser operates.

Air conditioners work by circulating refrigerant throughout the system. When an AC is not level, this can affect how refrigerant flows and cause operation and performance issues. If the AC condenser is extremely unlevel, the condenser can actually vibrate when in operation, which can cause significant damage to internal components.

To protect your air conditioner, it’s imperative that it’s first properly installed. The installer should spend time levelling the area and prepping the ground to help keep the AC even. This is so important that AC manufacturers actually mandate their systems be installed on a level surface.

You should also schedule yearly AC maintenance, where a technician has the opportunity to inspect the condenser, including checking that it’s still level. If they identify any issues with the AC or its pad, they can remedy it before it turns into an expensive repair bill.

If you notice that your AC is not level, it’s best to call a professional and not attempt to fix it yourself. Moving or jolting the condenser can cause damage or create kinks in the tubing.

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