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Ductless Air Conditioning Options

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When it comes to keeping the house cool and comfortable, you’re not limited to central air conditioning or inefficient window units, you can install ductless air conditioning that can provide zoned and efficient cooling and with some models heating.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?
Unlike central AC, where air travels through ducts to deliver cold air, ductless works by using mounted indoor units that provide localized cooling to a specific area of the home. Best of all, they use less energy to operate, resulting in lower monthly bills and are extremely quiet.

Ductless Options
These cooling units are extremely flexible and can be configured in multiple ways to provide maximum comfort throughout your home. Each outdoor unit can connect to multiple indoor units ensuring you’re receiving the comfort you need, where you need it.

There are also a variety of models available—from the Daikin Emura to the new low profile radiator style head.

Did you know that ductless systems can provide heating and cooling? If you want to have a secondary source of heat in the winter, make sure to ask about this when discussing air conditioner options.

To ensure that you’re installing the right cooling solution for your home, it’s important to speak with an expert. A knowledgeable sales representative will assess your home and needs and offer a ductless air conditioning option that fits your specific situation.

At HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd., we take pride in our dedication to our customers. We stand behind our installations and work with homeowners to find a cooling system that fits their needs and budget.

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