AC Problems

Troubleshooting AC Problems


There could be a number of reasons you’re experiencing AC problems. Before calling for professional air conditioner service, try these fixes.

Check Thermostat Settings
Sometimes thermostat settings can be inadvertently changed. Always check that the thermostat is set to Cool and that batteries don’t need to be replaced.

Clean Vents and Registers
It’s important to keep vents and registers throughout your home clear of obstructions. Make sure couches, curtains and other furniture are not covering openings. It also helps to periodically dust and clean vents and registers to improve airflow.

Clear Debris Around Condenser
To work properly, the outdoor condenser needs clearance around the unit. Growing shrubs, plants and trees, as well as fallen leaves and twigs, could impede airflow. Regularly check the outdoor unit and clear debris as needed.

Replace Air Filter
If you can’t remember the last time you checked and changed the filter, it might be the cause of your AC problems. Ideally, you want to check filters monthly and replace as needed. Different types of filters will last a different amount of time.

Schedule Annual Maintenance
Preventative maintenance can help you avoid AC problems in the future. Having a certified technician inspect, clean and make system adjustments every year can improve reliability and efficiency and decrease the chance of a midsummer breakdown. We’re now taking appointments for annual air conditioner maintenance and invite you to schedule yours today.

If the above suggestions didn’t resolve your air conditioner issue, it’s probably best to call a professional to diagnose the problem.

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to investigate the problem and offer a solution.

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