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Cost of a New Furnace in Southern Ontario


Many people contact us for a quote on their heating and cooling system. These queries come through our website, over the phone and on social media. Many homeowners just want to know what a new furnace will cost, but unfortunately, we can’t provide a proper estimate without coming to your home.

Having a properly sized furnace installed is extremely important to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency. Without coming to your home, we can’t properly determine the correct size heating system you should be using.

Not all high efficiency furnaces are made the same. Some systems just barely meet the minimum efficiency standards with a 92% AFUE (Annual Fuel Use Efficiency) rating—while other systems boast an almost near perfect efficiency. Deciding what kind of efficiency your home needs requires a home visit, and this decision will impact the cost of your new furnace.

Part of the cost of a new furnace comes from the installation fee. Every home is different and every heat system installation comes with its own challenges. Without coming to your home to look at existing ductwork and current heating setup, we wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate quote.

We understand that homeowners want to be able to compare prices of furnace installation and that’s why we offer
FREE no-obligation furnace replacement quotes.

HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd. has been serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Grimsby and Brantford for over 70 years! We’re fully committed to providing reliable heating and cooling installation and repair to residential, and commercial customers.

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