The Importance of a Reputable HVAC Pro


We know that a lot goes into the upkeep of your home, especially your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. But your home comfort depends on a functional furnace and AC, so annual maintenance is a must. However, a lot of homeowners don’t know the value of an HVAC pro—and how to find one who’s truly qualified to do the work well.

Finding a reputable company to perform your HVAC services and installations can be tricky nowadays, when heating and cooling system scams seem to be more and more common year-round. So how do you find a company that won’t do a poor repair job or scam you out of thousands of dollars?

  1. Do Your Research
    Make sure you have everything an HVAC pro would require. Have your model numbers recorded and all history of repairs and maintenance so any replacements or further services are correctly executed. You should also consider the company. How long has it been in business? Does it have testimonials and detailed information available for prospective customers?
  1. Read Reviews
    Nothing beats a review from another customer as word of mouth is one of the best ways to learn about a business. Check out the company’s testimonial page along with their Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.
  1. Expect a Diagnostic
    No HVAC pro can service equipment they’ve never worked on before without assessing it first. Be prepared for a diagnosis and an accompanying fee, but know that it’s in your best interest so that the job is done right.
  1. Get Everything in Writing
    This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of scams that occur without a paper trail. Keep records of everything, whether it’s in a physical copy or in your email inbox.
  1. Promotions
    In Ontario, many heating and cooling incentives are by IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) and saveONenergy. Check the sites often and ask your HVAC pro about current promotion they’re running in combination with IESO savings.

HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd. is the Hamilton area’s most trusted provider of HVAC products, service and installation. We’ve been a family-run business since 1946 and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers and neighbours.

We’re committed to raising buyer awareness and keeping our community’s heating and cooling service in good hands.

For service you can trust and depend on, schedule an appointment with HAMCO today.





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