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3 Tips to Prevent Pests from Damaging Your HVAC System


As seasons change throughout the year, pests like insects and rodents seek out warmth in your walls or the cool refuge of your basement. Unfortunately, the easy access point to your home that your HVAC system provides is like a beacon to these pests, and they may end up in the ductwork or your walls. Once inside, pests can cause a lot of damage and force expensive repair bills on your while jeopardizing your indoor air quality.

To prevent pest damage in your HVAC system and home, take a moment to ensure that the following areas are pest-proof:

Dryer /Exhaust Vents
Exterior flues and vents are an easy access point for pests to enter your home. The larger the opening the easier the access. Always make a point of doing visual inspections of these to ensure there isn’t any damage or marks from pests.  Mesh screens made from aluminum wire can be used but may void a manufactory warranty. Always consult your HAMCO technician with any potential changes to your HVAC System.

Improperly sealed air ducts can allow pests to access the heart of your HVAC system which can cause extensive damage. In addition, once pests enter the ductwork, they have free reign to your whole home which could pose health concerns from their droppings and anything they may be carrying from outside. 

Air Conditioner Condenser
The outdoor component of your cooling system should be kept free of debris and vegetation. If there is no shelter or food for pests, they are more likely to leave this piece of equipment alone.

One of the best ways to prevent a pest infestation is to perform annual HVAC maintenance as well as taking a look around when you are changing your furnace filter. Keeping the different home comfort components clean and properly secured is key to preventing pests from taking over your system. Yearly inspections from a certified technician can detect early warning signs of a pest intrusion and provide advice to keep them out.

In addition, remember to check your furnace and air conditioners filters monthly and replace as needed. This will keep the air in your home clean and healthy in the event that a stray pest makes its ways inside your HVAC system.

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