HAMCO’s Most Efficient Furnace Options


Finding the most efficient furnace will pay off long-term.

Finding the most efficient furnace to fit your budget is an important consideration when buying a new HVAC system.

At HAMCO, we want you to have all the tools you need to find the right system for you and your family. There is no substitute for the personalized advice of a licensed HAMCO professional, but if you want to have a brief understanding of what you’re looking for, than look no further.

As energy prices rise and climate change becomes a bigger focus in our society, increasing your furnace efficiency is very important. Your heating and cooling needs can account for up to 60% of your monthly energy usage, and if you choose the right new system, that can change. So, not only will you be lessening your impact on climate change, but you’ll be saving money too.

To find our most efficient furnace, we have to break it down into two categories: Daikin and York.

Both companies offer many high-efficiency models which, at the same level, are usually equal in performance. The difference in what you choose beyond that will come down to personal needs and preferences. Here are the two most efficient models from each manufacturer:

Daikin DM97MCMost Efficient Furnace

This Daikin unit operates at up to 98% AFUE (meaning it converts up to 98 cents of every dollar into indoor comfort) with a modulating gas valve and DC variable-speed motor. This motor allows the system to lower its fan speed at times to reduce energy consumption when possible.  All Daikin furnaces feature a stainless-steel heat exchanger for long-lasting performance.



York® Affinity™ YP9Cmost efficient furnace

This top York unit matches the efficiency of the Daikin system with up to 98% AFUE. It also operates with a modulating gas valve and variable-speed DC motor which allow the system to adjust to any level of home comfort you require at a particular time.  The unit features a tuxedo front look that is unique to the rest of the line-up.





York LX SeriesMost Efficient Furnace

This York furnace is one step below the Affinity™ YP9C model with up to 96% AFUE, but offers excellent value. It features a two-stage gas valve, which offers slightly less adjustment than the higher model and a variable-speed DC motor.  This unit is the most popular and best suited for two-story homes.




Daikin DM96VCMost Efficient Furnace

Nearly identical in appearance to the Daikin DM97MC, the DM96VC runs at up to 96% AFUE. While its variable-speed motor allows it to run at the lowest speeds when conditioning your home, the system uses a two-stage gas valve instead of a modulating one. While not the most efficient furnace Daikin offers, this system provides great value for its efficiency and still features a stainless-steel heat exchanger for long-lasting performance.




These high-efficiency furnaces qualify for manufacturer rebates and the saveONenergy incentives in Ontario, so check our blog or speak to a professional about savings opportunities.

To get a free sales estimate on any of these high-efficiency systems, click here and fill out a form.

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