Don’t forget to switch your humidifier off in the summer


It’s finally starting to feel like summer! So now it’s time to actually do all those things that you were supposed to do before the summer started. Many of these tasks may be related to your HVAC system, but today we will be discussing one in particular: switching your humidifier off in the summer.

This advice only applies to flow-through humidifiers, which are attached directly to your home comfort system. Single room and portable humidifiers do not need to be adjusted.

With humidifiers being a key part of the modern-Canadian home, many systems use a flow-through humidifier. If you do, you have one small task to complete: switch your humidifier damper to the summer position and turn your humidistat off.

Failing to do so can lead to extra humidity in your home and will cause your AC to work harder. Your AC is also a dehumidifier and is working to remove all the hot humid air in your home. By allowing humidity to enter the system your adding an extra work load for your unit. Your system will have to work harder to circulate the cooled air throughout your home – leading to higher energy bills.

The damper could be one of two things: (1) A knob with a summer/winter setting which you can switch back and forth when each season starts or (2) A piece of metal that covers the duct opening. To find out which of these your system has, consult the manual. The humidistats are normally found on the ductwork above the humidifier and contain a dial that can be adjusted from 0 to 50%. Ensure that it is turned off or down to zero when not needed.

It seems simple enough, but forgetting to make these adjustments could cause a lot of unnecessary damage.

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